When life hands you lemons, start a blog.

I woke up this morning to a Google Now notification telling me it was time to leave for my flight to Alicante, Spain. As an American, I’m not used to having an Easter holiday, so I was pretty excited when my tennis instructor planned a tennis camp for all her students for that time. Five days of lounging around by the pool and taking the occasional tennis lesson in sunny Spain sounded glorious. But I wasn’t on that flight this morning — about two months ago I tore my ACL “skiing” in Davos (more on that someday) and it kinda ruined all my plans.

I moved to Switzerland less than a year ago, and spending two of eleven months obsessing about a knee wasn’t exactly how I thought I’d spend my time. While I wouldn’t say that if I had the choice that I’d do it all over again, I have appreciated the opportunity to reflect on my life and learn more about myself and those around me. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience as a hapa daughter to a hyperactive, overprotective Korean mom and quiet, Southern vet dad, health and wellness, living abroad, dealing with an injury and healthcare in a foreign country, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I hope my musings are interesting to some folks, and I’d love to hear from people! During my first week of injury I had lots of time to read blogs – especially those about ACL recoveries –  and for the first time began to get a feel for the community that bloggers cultivate online. Hoping I can make some friends here as well 🙂