I’m a Korean-American Florida girl living and working in Switzerland. I decided to start this blog after tearing my ACL in February 2014. After that accident, I had a lot of time on my hands and finally came to realize what I really valued in my life – health, mental wellness, family, work-life balance – I might have been neglecting, or at least not loving and appreciating as much as I could. I also realized how much my mixed upbringing impacts every single thing I think and do, and how there weren’t as many hapa voices online as I’d expected.

So, after a moment of glee over coming up with ‘Lady Hapa’, I decided to create a little place for myself on the interwebs to connect with others who might have similar experiences or are just interested in the life of a slightly workaholic, anxious, homebody hapa living abroad.

Some of my favorite things:

Earl Grey tea, Jurassic Park, Boo, my Kindle, Swiss scherenschnitte, fresh berries, oksusu cha, and soy lattes.

I’m always interested in hearing from others, please feel free to get in contact!

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